Congratulations – Insure Group Managers celebrates 25th Anniversary ?>

Congratulations – Insure Group Managers celebrates 25th Anniversary

And Clients are where it went next. Insure Group Managers are honoured to have some of the most loyal clients, with some relationships spanning over decades. Through the month of May the Company hosted 3 events for Clients in the Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban regions. The events were an honest celebration of what Insure Group Managers holds most dear, partnerships. Like in business the Company blends a perfect mix of hard work, dedication, creativity and fun and so clients and staff were treated to a unique evening of ‘wine blending’. Taking the opportunity to blend their very own special bottle while surrounded by delicious food, music and laughter to take home and enjoy with loved ones. A special thank you that will always be remembered.

The Company could also not forget the amazing Industry it has operated in for the last 25 years, the fast paced, ever changing industry we call ‘Insurance’. Insure Group Managers has long been an active and animated participant in the industry and its various bodies. Understanding and recognizing the important role industry bodies play in not only the Company’s success but the future of our industry, we had to celebrate with them too. So, the Company created the first of its kind “Leaders in Industry” dinner in August. A dinner party for leaders from across the industry bodies to come together in a superb setting and enjoy a delicious meal together like old friends. What a night it was and one that may need to be repeated!

It truly has been a year of celebration and hard work (yes, amongst the glitz and glam we still worked) but where do you go once the party dust has settled, when you’ve saluted the past and the cake is finished? You look towards the future…

The Company is all grown up, it’s learnt, improved and evolved and is taking firm, confident steps forward to embrace the vastly changing Industry they have known and loved for 25 years. From its beginnings with just 10 staff and even fewer computers – 25 years is a long time ago – it now has close to 70 employees and operates on a technology platform worth over R25 million. Starting with a single client, Insure Group Managers now handles over R15 billion in premiums for more than 400 clients on a state of the art on-line collections system and offers a complimentary and diverse product range that truly delivers comfort, convenience and compliance. With values based firmly in integrity, innovation and professionalism the Company and all involved are ready and excited for the journey to continue.

“The legacy is values, its commitment, passion, its authenticity. I think that’s what’s gotten us to where we are today. People want to do business with us, especially those who share our values. I’m looking forward to the future as I think we’re only really just beginning. 25 years is a point, a measurement, it’s a happiness point and we’re going to enjoy it but after that we’re going to grow again and it’s going to continue” – Chief Executive Officer of Insure Group Managers, Charl Cilliers on #Insure25.

Landmark would like to take this opportunity to congratulate IOM on 25 years of Business!

Source: Insurance Gateway – 31/10/2017 –  Insure Group Managers Ltd

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